March 3, 2010


here he is..the king of my heart..hehe..
it's almost two years we are together..this is the longest relationship for me..alhamdulillah..
just want to make him happy and smile always..(>_<)
pray for us..hope we can be together till the end..

erm ramai ckp muka dia cm Black Mentor..yeke??skali pndg je kot..2 kali pndg xsme dh..
meh kite try compare nk?? ;)

erk??korg pndai2 sndri la wat kptsan sme ke x..
i have no answer for that..huhu..

p/s post ni bkn utk mencari perhatian ramai ye..just to share with my close friends who really know me n him..mintak kerjasama jgn sensasikn post sy ni k..thanks..(",)


Nazatul shima said...

sebijik sebijan!cume pak an lagi ensem..hehee..

whiteapple said...

haha...thanks cima..even ak xpnh ckp dia ensem..ops!!!sori dear..;p