June 28, 2010


feel like to write n share sumthing here, but nothing comes out..juz feel bored somewhere..i got this quote: "If you are bored all the time, you are probably boring"

am i too boring?? i guess i am..coz i dont want people to interfere in my life..i am what i am..i need my privacy so please do respect my privacy..i think i have to respect sum1 before they'll respect me..am i right? 

but, sometimes there's some people don't care about other's privacy..what did they do?? everything about us they will ask n they want to know every single details..but, when it comes to their life, they don't want people to know..WTF!! 

i dont get people like this..maybe i am not too eager to know n i dont ask too much, that is becoz i respect your privacy..if u want to tell me then tell..if not juz shut up!! 

if i'm too boring to you, then get out of my life!!

i think i have to stop now..don't want the emotion get involved..

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