February 10, 2011


Kamu2 yg suke akn hair fashion, cni ada deal terbaru..terbaik punya!! berdasarkan pengalaman I g ke salon bout my hair, cuci rmbut plus blow je dh RM10..potong rambut even trim hujung je pn RM10 jugek..klu yg bg rambut meka kaler2 bagai 2 ada la dlm RM90-RM200, kot..ikut kepanjangan n ketebalan rambut meka ler ye..
Now, dh xperlu risau dh..sape2 yg non-muslim yg nk g sambut Valentine with your loved ones n nk kelihatan gojes mojes on that day leh visit Ivan & Max Studio kat Damansara Perdana..They offered mad deal which is Color + Treatment + Wash + Blow for RM88 only instead of RM260!!
They are open from Monday to Thursday only..semua profesional n anda akn dpt hair style spt yg anda mahukan..Voucher ni only available from 17 February until 16 May 2011..So, grab it now!! 
For more information visit this page: Ivan & Max Studio

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