October 20, 2009

19th Oct

my JPJ test today was very cool..didnt feel any nervousness inside (at first)..but then, x rasa berdebar yg amat la..mls nk pk..nnti gabra xleh wat plak..lastly, evrythng was ok..i passed!!alhamdulillah..n the first one i shared the happiness was my father..i called him n ucapan syukur kpd Allah diucapkn..then da second person was my sis..a few minutes ago..want 2 share with DIA, but not even one word comes out from him in three days..so sad..=( xpela..slh ak g kot..(even xbsar mne pn..slalu jd cmni klu psl hal 2..)

my dear, take ur time 2 get ur mood back..i'll b waiting 4 u..huhu..

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