October 15, 2009

*out of box*

feel like to go out, hang and flirt around like before..i miss all that moments..but, now i hav to be mature n look forward to improve myself to be a good person...THINK POSITIVE!! 4 those who i love most; my family, my love, my frens(who r really2 frens - i know who u are) thanks so much 4 always b by my side..frankly speaking, i never have a really good fren 4 a long term.. my frens always come n go, cntct each other using texting or via internet (sum of them cant b cntct anymore). guys, miss u so much..miss all the moments when we study, when we have fun together, when we cry, when we laugh n enjoy...if i can go back to that moment i will b the happiest person in the world..how i wish...nvm, look forward...face the fact, b patient n try to improve myself to achieve my vission...i will!!!

mom, dad..miss both of u so much...wish to be home right now..feel like tears will come down to the earth..:'(

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