January 28, 2010

| wishes |

i want it but i can't get it;
i need it but i still don't get it;
i dream of it but it's a fantasy;
i wish it could be happen but it's always a dream;
i like it but it doesn't like me (yet);
i want it to be like this but it turns to be like that;
i always let it go but it comes back occasionally;

i do love him AND he loves me (",)


Nazatul shima said...

ok.aku tau.motif die ayat yg last skali 2.hihihi.

whiteapple said...

ish3..bkn la..motif dia ayt pertama 2..
ayt last 2 sbg tatarias post ni je..hehe
plus nk bgtau i'm in love..haha