October 28, 2010

my happiness

i'll make it short..my happiness for today that makes me smile till now..bahagianya..huhu..first, i will get new bags..bagS ok..so, it means more than one..kehkeh...bahagia!! second thing, he gave me a surprise.. "nk smpai dh ni" "balik dh ke?" "x la..smpai kt awk la" DANG!!!! for real..wa xpcya gak mula2..wa pn kuar jenguk kt luar cri cik putih..jeng3..it's there..OMG!! wa sgt bhgia..n wa tau xleh lme pn jmpa DIA..kali ni wa xwat hal okey..sbb wa pnya happy double triple..kehkeh..that makes me LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!!!!

p/s i'm smiling till now..my work mode fly away..okey, enough..get back to work!!
update: oh ya!! i also got new perfumes from him..oh yeah!! love the smell of yours dear....;D

latest update: (29/10/10-4.50pm) tibe2 gedik nk bgtau bnda ni gak disbbkn wa overlimit excited smlm n tmbh excited ari ni..smlm g mkn DIA suap..muahaha..giler gedik x?? =P

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