January 21, 2011


Home? yeah, I'm going home.wee~~
But, your midsem holiday will start next week right?
Yup, I cuti in advance..hehe..
Actually, mesti time cuti CNY ni korg2 dpt byk jmputan kawen kn?
So am I.
I got three invitations within this 2 weeks..
Tomorrow and the other two will be on 5th of February..
I'm happy for you guys..
Hope your marriage will last forever
Selamat menempuh hidup berkeluarga..
Semoga sabar dan tabah menempuh dugaan..
Then, doakan yang terbaik plak utk I okay..
See you on your big day!

Quotes of the day: Without respect, love lost. Without caring, love boring. Without honesty, love unhappy. Without trust, love unstable.

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