January 14, 2011


Maaf,..tlg abaikn entry ni..I hnya nk meluahkn pe yg tgh dlm fikiran..xtau nk luahkn pd sape..hnya blog ni jd pendengar setia..mmg I tgh emosional..dan sesungguhnya benar, I seorang yg emosional..

Ku igt ku kuat, rupanya xckup kuat..mmg ku terlalu byk fikir, sbb tu hati ni sng sgt tersentuh..sng ckp ku ni kuat melenting..cpt sgt beremosi..herm..pe ku nk ckp ek..hati ku sakit lagi..ku tau it's more to me myself..but, i dont want any other things touch it..please, go away..let me see my happiness..

Why I cant just let it go?? Why?? I keep asking myself about this..I dont have the strength to face it..I'm not strong enough to lose it..Please, stay away..Let me be with it..I just wanna make it mine..please understand..dont make any drama, n take it away from me..STAY AWAY!!

Tlg la hati..jgn mudah mengalah..I'll fight for it!! I promise!!
and YOU!! Go away! I would never give up on it..MARK MY WORD!!


Nazatul shima said...

be strong k girl..never ever give up~!

whiteapple said...

thnaks darl!!