March 19, 2011


Guys, today is 19th March right? Did u forget? It's his birthday man!! yuhuu!! Yes, i'm still wishing him and praying for him after what had happened..After all he is still my friend right? 

Wish you will be success in your life.
Wish you will be happy with your life.
May all your dreams come true.
Chase it coz I have the faith that you can do it.
May ALLAH bless you always.
Wish you all the best.
I will always support you from here.
My pray also for you always.
Have a great one babe!

Oh ya, thn ni xde gmbr DIA dgn hadiah..Sbb aku lum celebrate g dgn DIA..huhu..Hadiah pun xbeli g sbnrnya..haha..Later k!

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