April 22, 2011


Td ckp xde idea sgt nak menaip kn. Ha skali dua entri aku taip kt korg. Hamek ko! Dush3!

Yes, it is today. Like I told him, I just wanna appreciate the date. So, here I am. Wishing you the best for your life. Even you are not reading this, I just want them know that I still wish and pray for your life. You are in my heart now and forever. 

Actually, I don't know how to appreciate the date. Because it is combined for both. My happiness and my sadness. And off course my priority is my happiness. But at the same time I don't want you to misunderstand my appreciation of the day. It's not for the sadness one. 

It is supposed to be 2y11m. But it turns to be 5m. Maybe you can understand what is that mean. Please! Keep it yourself. Don't tell the world because I know what I feel inside. 

For you, keep smiling my dear. I'll be there whenever you need me. Just don't hurt me anymore. [myly]


Nazatul shima said...

hmmm....:( be strong girl!!

whiteapple said...

I am and I will cima. Thanks for your support. Love u!